Sunday, 22 May 2011

Planning Get Together

Well the 4 of us got  together today to talk about the route and paperwork, we all brought our bikes that we are using for the trip to Bristol Harbour. We took a few photos and and a couple of video pieces talking about how excited we are for this once in a lifetime trip.

A quick reminder for you all to give me a donation at we are raising money for The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign who do wonderful things for people suffering from degenerative muscle disorders.

During the course of today we got our temporary vehicle import documents filled in so we can get our bikes into Morocco and made sure we all had the correct insurance.

The route we are taking sees us leave Bristol on the 17th June (less than 4 Weeks away) and ride to Dover catching and early ferry the following morning. We then have 1800 miles in the next three days to get Algeciras In Spain. We meet Paul en route as the big wet pants is getting the Santander Ferry.

The next day we cross the straights of Gibraltar and enter Morocco at Tanger Med port.and then make our way down to Midelt. It gets hard from there with very little tarmac until we arrive in Marrakech 7 days later. Having crossed my personal goals of The Todra and Dades Gorge then heading south to the Sahara by Zagora.
 We stop in Ouarzazate to deliver a package to Peter at Bikers Home. Then  north to Marrakech crossing one of the Highest passes in the atlas. From Marrakech we'll make the long trip back to Bristol.

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