Sunday, 8 May 2011

Finishing Touches

In 6 weeks time myself and my 3 fellow adventurers will be well on our way to Morocco hopefully having crossed the Spanish border and close to setting up camp near Valladolid.

So today I spent some time in my garage fitting the last few finishing touches to the Harley Davidson MT350 that I shall be riding for the trip. The upgrades that I have done for this trip include:
Removing the air box and fitting a K&N air filter

 Some replica MT 500 pannier frames

A large fuel tank from a Yamaha XT 500

A stage one tune on the carburettor and a new chain & spocket kit.
Last month a friend helped me change the clutch and do an oil change
I have intsalled some brilliant Ridgid Industry spot lights (available from

A front mudguard support and kreiga US 5 dry pack for carrying tools, an electrical socket for power for my GPS, communication units and cameras and
finally a scotoiler to reduce wear on the chain.

The scotoiler was difficult to fit as it e=involved removing the inlet manifold and the silicon sealant to the manifold is setting as I type.

It's worth noting that as much as this is going to be a fantatastic adventure. I am rasing money for the Muscular Dystrophy Campagin. This is a charity that is funding research for the treatment of muscular dystrophies and improves the quality of life for those that suffer from them too. This week research funded by this charity has made a significant breakthrough in the fight against this disease.
TThe story can be veiwed here

Please help me raise as much money as I can for this brilliant charity please visit my just giving page

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