Monday, 13 June 2011

1st Stage Target

Big Thanks
I would like to thank every one who has donated to our fundraising for Muscular Dystrophy Campagain so far, and if you haven't then why not??

Yesterday evening thanks to a very generous off line donation from Liz's mum, Madeline Momtazi we reached and passed our Target of £1000. however no point resting on our laurels we want £2000, this will fund staff with specialist knowledge of muscle disease - including occupational therapy, support and expert medical advice at one of the Muscular Dsytrophy Campaigns specialist centre for on week or  66 hours of research into treatments for Muscle disease.

I guess now I will have to have that bright Orange Mo hawk that I promised I would if we reached target before we set off.

So donate now on my Just Giving Page

Even More Thanks
As friday's departure day draws near i would like to thank some of the many organisations and people who have helped me get this far and ready to go.

Kickstart were the training provider who got me originally through my bike license, I would recomend them to anyone wishing to take their motorcycle license.
Since passing my test I have now become friends with some of the instuctors and back in October 2009 it was with Kickstart and a "Club Run" that I went on my first organised Dirt bike ride.

KL Motorsport have been a great supplier of Parts for MT's over the 2 years i have owned my bike. Steve (the company director) is a top bloke and has always been helpful on the end of the phone.

KL motorsport is always my first choice for MT parts and they ar almost always delivered next day.

 Zen overland is run by a friend of mine who i met through Horizons unlimited (see below). Gabriel has been very useful in terms of emergency parts and extra kit for this trip. Suppliing much of my upgrades and additions. (I highly recomend the ridgid industries spotlights he sells). Helping me Pirate, and Paul in diffent ways to prep for this trip he has been indispensable as a font of knowledge.

The MT Riders Club is the essential members club for anyone with or thinking about geting an MT it is estential to be a member of this club. Me an Pirate met through this owners club.

Horizons unlimited is the number one information source for would be motorcycle travellers and and overland expeditions, it was through this forum I met Geoff and Paul.

So now back to the process of packing and preping for our adventure!!

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